Jittys Gym (Bangkok) ~ Pinyao Gym (Kho Samui) ~ Sinbi Gym (Phucket) ~ Lanna Gym (Chiang Mai)

I have trained at all of the above camps, and would recommend training at any of them. If you are interested in Training in Thailand, decide where you want to be located in the country, and then pick a camp to train at. Any questions please ask.

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Training at any camp in Thailand comes with its ups and downs. And they vary greatly depending on the amount of time spent at the camp, and the amount of time spent actualy training at the camp!

Many of the Thai's will not take you seriously for the first couple of weeks, unless you give them your 'All' from the start. But then they may want, and expect you to produce that level of training two times a day 6 days a week! If your there just to give it 'a-go', then 'nothing ventured, nothing gained'.

If however you intended to be there for several months, and there is only a few other Farangs (foreigners) at the camp. You might start to get a bit disalussioned. Dont worry it will pass, just keep battling on with the mental & physical side of it, and you will walk away from the camp a very strong minded BOXER, with greatly improved skills.

There is a fee required to train (no different than your camp from back home), unless it has been agreed that you intend to fight. The fee is normally around 6000 baht (£90) a month, or 300 baht (£4) a day. But this does vary a great deal from club to club, so ask before you go. Some camps even provide food & accomodation, again the price for this can vary depending on your own requirement.

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