June 2010

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January 2010

= Happy New Year, the sessions start back at 7pm on the 11th Janaury, with the day time sessions starting back 12pm on the 12th January. Make sure you come and kick start your new years resolution with a calorie crunching padwork session.

= January Sale on Monthly Fee, thats right for this month only, training will be £30 for the rest of the month. Monthly training gives you access to six training sessions a week, thats an average of £2.50 a session and if you pay for three months up front, you get a fourth free (thats about £1.50 a session).

= UKMF License Required, at all times. As anounced in November 2009, we will now require you to show your UKMF license book everytime you train, compete at interclubs or attend seminars held by the club. If you fail to show a valid UKMF license book, you will be expected to pay non-members fee's.

= Lunch Box Session Price Change, will begin on the 12th January. All monthly, weekly and quarterly paying members will be able to train in theses sessions as part of their fee. For all other students and non students, normal training fee's apply. If you want the ultimate padwork challenge with Kru Ryan, there will be an additional £5.00 fee to be paid.

= New Fight Squad Members, will be selected for the team at the end of January. If you believe you can say yes to all of the following questions, then you may be eligible for the team. Let Kru Ryan know if you are!

Can you train a minimum of three times a week?, Can you give 100% effort everytime you train? Are you self motivated with the ability to motivate others? Are you ready to become a fighter?

= Fighters Fitness Test, will be on the Friday 29th January. Remember this is open to all students that want a bench mark to work from, the tests chosen are internationaly recognised in the fitness industry. Fight squad you need to bring your 'A' game as you are expected to beat your previous best.

= Facebook Us Now, Phoenix Fitness, Thailand Tours and Singto Muay Thai are all now on-line. Keep upto date with what is going on, special discounts and share your thoughts with other members.

= Bronze Medal At IFMA Worlds, for Singto's very own Viet 'Bam Bam' Pham. Viet succefully beats his opponents to secure a bronze medal for the England Team at the IFMA World Championships held in Bangkok, Thailand. Kru Ryan had the opportunity to become the only fully qualified IFMA International referee and judge in the UK, as well as supporting the stand in team manager for this event, to ensure that all ran smoothly.

The next event will be the IFMA Europeans being held in Rome, Italy this March. Kru Ryan will be managing the England team, with Reza Mokarram making up part of the officials team going. Kru Ryan is currently looking to develop the England Team to form the biggest team ever to attend. If you believe you have what it takes to make the team, let him know.

A Facebook page for the UKMF amateur scene can be found here UKMF Amateur Page.

= Viet 'Bam Bam' Pham, joined us in November 2006 and in November 2009 he become the UKMF English Champion, then rubber stamped his quality with a Bronze Medal from the World Championships in December '09. In only three years Viet has shown what is possible if you dedicate yourself to your training. Who knows what is next for Viet, but we can guarentee it will be big.

= Thailand Tour 2010, it's back and it's looking to be the biggest tour ever aranged by the club. The new tour will start on the 24th July, returning the 8th August with the deposit required by no later than the 10th April.

In total at the moment there are some 25+ of you wanting to go, I have updated the www.thailandtours.co.uk website. The outline is as follows: based on Koh Samui Island training at the world famous Pinyao Gym, with ample opportunity to visit the sites and take the wonders of Thailand in.

= Grading Day, will be on the 27th March. If you are interested in grading and need help with any aspect of your grade, please feel free to ask any instructor or assistant instructor to help.

= Interclubs Are Back, and we kick start the year with 'Born to Fight' and 'Armour Plated 3'. These will be the first in a series of interclubs this year, to help bring the standard of new fighters up and to introduce new students to the ring environment. If you are interested in taking part in any of the forth coming interclubs, then please let Kru Ryan know asap.

= King of Kings 2, will be a championship fight night with several UKMF titles being fought for on the 24th April. We have decided to take the next step in promoting, by offering quality title belts to those fighters and gyms worthy of competing for such a high accolade. This is a big step forward for the gym, the area and we hope it opens new doors to high quality bouts (more info).

= Referee Seminars, to be held through out May with Kru Ryan. Kru Ryan is one of the countries leading referee's and judges, qualified by the World Muay Thai Council for professional Muay Thai, International Federation of MuayThai Amateur for amateur MuayThai, and the United Kingdom of MuayThai Federation for professional and amateur Muay Thai (more info).

= Lumpinee Nights, will be held on the 10th April at the Mallet (main hall). Many of you had the opportunity in 2009 to learn how to score a Muay Thai fight correctly, and was given an eye opening experience to see the standard that only the Thai's can bring. This event is open to anyone out there with an interest in watching Muay Thai fights, or learning how to score a fight correctly, member or not. (more info)

= New 1/2 hour one to one, with Kru Ryan for only £20. Remember you can also book a private one to one with fighters Viet Pham or Lucy Thorn for only £15 an hour.

= Singto Club Forum, is available to all club members. It has alot of valuable information, it also gives you an opportunity to chat with other members of the clubs, trade ideas, and find out whats been going on. Please email Kru Ryan requesting a login, and he will get it done asap.

= Next Free Induction, is on the 16th January and 13th February, why not tell a friend!

= Phoenix Fitness, offers body composition testing and analysis, nutritional and diet advice, therapeutic and relaxation massage, and of course a tailor made personal training plan designed specifically to your needs. www.phoenix-fitness.co.uk

Go on make 2010 the year you look good and feel good, book a free consultation today!

= Free training for all members, thats right introduce a friend and get a free training session on us. The more people you introduce, the more free training sessions you get, so go on, tell a friend!

= Family Members Train Free, throughout 2009. If you are a mother or father, and have children under the age of 13 years who are interested in training. Then bring them along and they can train for free! All family members need to have a membership with the club, and only the adults pay to play. Go on, get the family off their butts and into something everyone can enjoy!

= Insurance Renewals, J.Taylor, J.Todd, D.Amos.

Your insurance's are due for renewal by the end of January.
(It is essential that your licence book is up to date. As you will not be able to train, grade, fight or attend seminars without a current license. It is your responsibility to keep it up to date).

Confucious says;
"...the only easy day, was yesterday..."

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