June 2010

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Muay Thai Boxer's Day

We requests that all Boxer's Pay homage on 17th March.

Everyone does it in there own way, so however you do it, make sure it is heart felt!

Remember you are paying respect to Nai Khannom Tom, the fore father and spirit of Muay Thai who is a national treasure of Thailand (more info).

"..through us, your legacy lives on.."




Teacher (Kru) Day

Singto Muay Thai celebrates teacher's day every 16th October.

On this day students are asked to make a ceremonial gift in thanks to their teacher. A typical teacher's day present would include the following:

1 candle, a piece of fruit
a small amount of uncooked rice
dry natural flowers, 3 sticks of incense

Alternative forms of gratitude can be given or shown, to those that have taught you Muay Thai. The choice however is yours.


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