Simple Thai Words

1 - Nung
2 - Sawng
3 - Saam
4 - Sii
5 - Haa
6 - Hok
7 - Jet
8 - Bpaat
9 - Gaao
10 - Sip
11 - Sip Et
12 - Sip Sawng
13 - Sip Saam
14 - Sip Sii
15 - Sip Haa
16 - Sip Hok
17 - Sip Jet
18 - Sip Bpaat
19 - Sip Gaao
20 - Ye sip
30 - Saam Sip
40 - Sii Sip
50 - Haa Sip
60 - Hok Sip
70 - Jet Sip
80 - Bpaat Sip
90 - Gaao Sip
100 - Nung Lawi
200 - Sawng Lawi
1000 - Nung Pan
10'000 - Nung Muun
100'000 - Nung Saan
1'000'000 - Nung Laan
Good - Dii
Happy - Dii Jai
Yes - Chai
Go - Bpai
Left - Saai
Backward - Toi
Blue - Sii Faa
Bad - Mai Dii
Tired - Nuai
No - Mai
Quick - Leo
Right - Kwaa
Up - Bon
Red - Daang
Crazy - Baa
Exhausted - Hank
Stop - Yut
Slow - Chaa
Forward - Rook
Down - Laang
Instructor - Kruu

Simple Thai Phrases

Hello - Sa Wat Dii Khrap
Thank You - Kawp Khun Khrap
How are you? - Sa Baai Dii Mai
Good Bye - Lagon Khrap
Good Luck - Chook Dii
Excuse Me - Kaw Toot

The Thai Language is tonal, I have written the samples using the phonetic alphabet, for ease of use. Because of the importance of tone, if it is not spoken correctly, you could be in for some embarrassing moments. Please ask me if you require help.

Example of possible meanings for one word - Mai


No, Not
..., right?

To be polite whilst talking to a Thai, you should add Khrap (for men) or Khar (for ladies) to the end of your sentence. If you wish to be overally polite (police, parents, monks) whilst talking to someone, you could add Khrap to the begining, the middle and the end of the sentence. Dont do this to much though, unless you are trying to grovel, as it will start to sound sarcastic.

Popular Thai Dishes

Neur Yang BBQ Beef
Tom Yang Goong Spicy Prawn Soup
Gang Gai Kuew Wang Green Chicken Curry Som Tam Papaya Spicy Salad
Kai Jeow Omelet Egg Kaneow Sticky Rice
Kaneow MaMuang Mango & Sticky Rice Kow Sui Steam Rice
Dua Taut Fried Battered Banana Pak Pak Louam Fried Vegetables
Gai Pat Ging Chicken & Ginger
on Rice
Kow Kow Moo Sweet Pork Hamhock
with Gravy
Kow Moo Dang,
Moo Gop, Sai Kai
Sweat Red Pork & Crackling Pork on Rice
with a Boiled Egg
Nam Tok Moo Broiled Spicy Pork with alot of Chilies and Onions

Muay Thai Terminology

Aenken Anklet

Kru Muay Muay Thai instructor
Andap Ratings Kwaa Right, to the right
Baak Mouth Lang Tao
Bangkok Capital of Thailand Limpee Solar Plexus, a vital point
Bat Block Mao Mut Punch drunk
Chaikrong Floating ribs Mut Fist
Champ Champion Mut At Uppercut
Chiang Mai Provincial capital in the North. Seond largest city in Thailand Mut Drong Straight punch
Chok Fight Mongkon The head garment worn during
pre-fight ceremony
Choraked faad haang Turn kick, literally 'crocodile thrashes its tail' Muay Acheep Professional boxing
Dadsin To judge, to decide
Muay Sakon International-style boxing
Daihuachai Region under the heart, a vital point. Muay Thai Thai-style boxing
Dermpan A form of betting. Na Kaeng Shin
Dontree Muay
The music played during a match Na Paang Forehead
Gradot Dtae Jump kick Nak Muay Boxer
Kruang Rang Bands worn around biceps Namnak Weight
Eyes Nuam Gloves
Dtaai To die Paa Pan Mue Bandages worn under gloves
Dtae To kick Pang-nga To dodge, evade
Dtae Kao Knee kick Pee Liang Seconds
Dtae Tao Kick with foot Raigaan Muay Boxing program
Dtae Wiang Round kick Ram Muay Boxing dance, part of the
pre-fight ritual
Dtai Kidneys, a vital point. Run Weight category
Dtai Kao knee kick from side Saai Left, to the left
Dtee To hit Sanam Muay Boxing stadium
Dtee Mut To hit with the fist Sangwien Ring Ropes
Dtee Sawk To hit with the elbow Sawing Swing, the word comes from the English "swing"
Dtoi To box, boxing Sawk Elbow
Dtoi Lom Shadow boxing, literally to box with the wind or air. Sawk Chieng Diagonal Elbow
Faad To thrash, wipe, swipe Sawk Hug Levering Elbow
Fai daeng The red corner Sawk Klab Reverse Elbow
Fai namnerng The blue corner Sawk Ku Double Elbow
Gaan Dadsin Judging Sawk Sob Chopping Elbow
Gamagan Referee Sawk Tad Jab Elbow
Gangkeng Muay Boxer's trunks Sawk Tong Smashing Down Elbow
Gawn Welaa Literally before time. "Gawn welaa" bouts, reserved for novices. Taitai Nap, a vital point
Grajab Groin guard Tao Foot
Grammon Srisa Top of head, a vital point Teep Push or thrust with the underside of the foot
Hook Hook, word borrowed from English. Teep Dan Lang Foot thrust to the rear
Hua Head Teep Drong Straight forward foot push
Huajai Heart Teep Duen Son Heel push
Jad Promote Ting Throw
Jamook Nose Tong Stomach
Kaa Leg Tong Noi Lower stomach, a vital point
Kaen Arm Uppercut Uppercut, borrowed from English
Kagangai Jawbone, a vital point Wai Kru Obeisance to the teacher, part of the pre-fight ritual.
Kai Camp Wehtee The ring, a stage
Kai Muay Boxing camp Wong Band
Kamab Temples, vital points. Wong Muay The orchestra that plays during matches
Kao Knee Yaeb Jab, borrowed from English
Kao Drong Frontal knee kick Yaek Break, used by referee in the ring to separate fighters.
Kao Kong Over-arm knee kick Yang Gan fan Mouth guard
Kao Loy Jumping knee kick Yang Sam Kung Three step dance, part of the Ram Muay
Khuen Kruu The ceremony during which a teacher accepts a new student. Yok Round
Koo Ek Jump Yut Stop, used by referee
Kradot Main bout on a card, literally the "number one pair".

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