We are endevouring to spread the word of Muay Thai through out East Anglia, and to give our students the possibitilty to run their own clubs localy to them, so that they may go on to spread the word of Muay Thai to any of their future students.

The S.M.T.N. grading syllabus has ten fundamental levels, we have added a further two Instructor levels. To help identify individual instructor capabilities, and also to help instructors slowly transition to their fullest potential.

For juniors aged 12 and under, we award merit badges and certificates for attendance. These future Muay Thai champions are not pushed towards grading, and are left to explore the Art at their own pace. We believe that most juniors under 12 will not wont to grade, but would prefer to have the opportunity to try at a later stage, whilst still recieving some kind of reward for their efforts.

We also offer a 'Trainee Instructor' status to anyone who is wanting to become part of the S.M.T.N., with some previous knowledge of teaching Muay Thai. This is a new concept being rolled out in 2007 which is to help fellow Muay Thai enthusiasts who want to teach localy to them, with the full backing of an established club, grading syllabus and administration.

The further two grades Master Kru (Ajarn) and Grandmaster (Bramajarn), are normally only awarded by the senior Muay Thai organisations in Thailand. For recognition of service to the sport, by either producing several World Champions, or by introducing the sport and culture to a new country and developing it to its fullest potential.

The last two levels are rarely ever achieved by Instructors, due to the difficulties in achieving the set requirements. But those few succesful Instructors to achive the title of Ajarn or Bramajarn, should be shown the uppermost respect and gratitude for their dedication to the art Muay Thai.

Below is a pictorial of our Grading Syllabus, which is designed to help our students with their gradings.

- White
- Beginner

2nd Grade

- Yellow

- Novice

- Green - Learner.
- Blue - Scholar
- Blue & Yellow - Competent
- Brown. - Experienced
- Brown & Yellow - Skilled
- Brown & Green - Technical
- Brown & Red - Assistant Instructor
- Red - Instructor
- Red & Silver - Senior Instructor

We offer gradings every three months, and request students to try to grade once every six months.

Singto In-house training courses

Fighters Pre-Fight Hand-wrapping

The SMTN handwrapping course is 1˝ hours in length, and includes certification and one pair of Twins handwraps. Handwrapps are an essential part of your training kit, as they protect your wrist, and save your knuckles and small hand bones from damage. Learn to put them on properly, as we take you through this intense training course. You will be shown how to wrap your hands in four different styles. From padman, to preparing a fighter for competition. Make sure you get yourself fully up to speed on how to wrap your hands. Protect your hands, protect your wrists!! (refresher hand out)

Fighters Pre-Fight Massage

For this course you will be supplied with massaging oil, you will be required to bring along an old t-shirt and towel (which may need to be thrown away). You will learn how to massage & prepare a competitor for competition, the course also covers self-massage. This can be an additional benefit before training, and also during an injury period. Please note, this is not a softly, softly massage, it is designed to get the fighter warmed up and stretched without them doing anything. This 2 hour intensive hands on training course, includes oil and certification on completion. (refresher hand out)

Trainers Pad-Man

The SMTN Trainers padman course is designed to identify the individual pads, and what they are used for. What a pad man is supposed to do, and what not to do. How to hold the pads correctly. How to move and use the pads more effectively. Correct basic feeding of the pads keeping you safe and confident in the use of Thai kick pads. The course runs for 1˝ hours, and you will receive a certificate on completion. Build your confidence in others and so they become more confident in you!! (refresher hand out)


The cornerman course is for those students wishing to learn the techniques and gain experience of being a cornerman. Those that complete the course are chosen first on fight nights to help in the corner, giving them ringside seats on some of the most prestigious shows in the UK. What does the course cover? The course covers all aspects of cornerwork, but it is based around you being one of the two 'Seconds' (explained on course). You will learn the ins and outs of the preparation of fighters, before, during and after a show. How to conduct yourself, your role within the cornerman team and what is expected of you! The course is 1˝ hours in length and you will need to bring a pen, paper and camera. (All off the above courses must be completed, before attending this one) (refresher hand out)

Advanced Trainers Pad-Man

Part one: You will be using Focus Mitts, Long Kick Shield, Fore arm Kick pads, Coach mitts. You will be wearing shin guards and a belly pad, to help with the manipulation of your fighter. The course will cover the use of all of the above, by swapping and then combining all of the above. Emphasis on the first part of the course is on time: watching and pushing the tempo, both offensively and defensively, by using several different training styles; such as training for long periods (endurance), or short explosive rounds (cardio).

Part two: Bag work: Freestyle, Combinations, Pyramid and Drill workouts done whilst holding the bag, and attacking the boxer back. Sparring: Fully padded up to allow safe injury free sparring with your fighter to bring out the most in their abilities.

With both parts of the course you will be shown how to encourage your boxer, and also how to correct your boxers techniques to get the right result. There will also be a glimpse into my own advanced pad training styles, which include the use of a chest guard for accurate attacks by fighter. Use of the double belly protector for realistic clinch and knee work, from the front/side/behind. We will spend some time on the old school 'tricks' that can be used to ensure your fighter performs the way you want. This includes use of rope, tennis ball, bag mit, focus pad, chalk/powder. Lastly will be freestyle pad work catching - 'Thai Style' pad work, the most technical level of padman. Each is course is 2 hours in length, and you will receive a certificate on completion. (the trainers pad-man course must have been completed, with one years experience holding pads) (refresher hand out)

Having problems tying your Krung Rangs?

'How to tie your Krung Rang' - Printable Instruction Leaflet

Wrap your hands Thai style

(I recommend that you use two handwrap's per hand, the second is to reinforce and strengthen your wrists)

Misc. Training Technique Information

Scientific Training for Muay - (by the WMC)

Art of Fighting - (by Yod Ruerngsa, Khun Kao)

Proper use of a Speedball - (by SpeedBag Central)

Essential Shin Conditioning - (by Muay Thai Guy, Ironlife)

Old, Ancient and Modern Muay Thai Graphics - (by USMTA)

Treatise on Sparring and Wrestling - (by Edmund Price 1867)

Introduction to Muay Thai Judging & Refereeing - (by Tony Myers)

Training techniques and explantion of use - (by Lanna Muay Thai Gym)

Kon Muay, Cherng Muay, Mae Mai & Luk Mai Techniques - (by Muaythai.com)

Try out the very important hand and eye co-ordinating workout!

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