Q. What is Singto?
A. Singto, pronounced Sing - Toe. Is a name that I was given whilst in Thailand, it means Lion in Thai!
Ryan, or as the Thai's would say Lyan, hence Lion and Singto.

Q. Do you accept total beginners?
A. Yes. You'll learn everything right here.

Q. Do you accept women?
A. Yes of course! The Ladies are more than welcome to come and join in.

Q. What are the age restrictions?
A. No children under the age of 8, and no seniors over the age of 65.

Q. You work with Children, have you had a police check?
A. Yes. Please see here - CRB check.

Q. I am slightly overweight, and unfit. Will I be able to cope with the training?
A. Yes. Muay Thai routines can be adapted to any level of fitness, remember you've already taken the first step to becoming fitter, take the next step. Come to a class!

Q. Is there any rules whilst at the network?
A. Yes. We have a Code of Conduct that everyone must follow - Singto Code.

Q. Why Muay Thai? Why not Aerobics?
A. Due to the nature of Muay Thai, you will not be so good at most of the techniques from day one. These techniques are skillful, and you will achieve mastering them over time. This is partly what makes Muay Thai workouts so effective, you will never 'plateau' like you do with many other exercise routines. The better you get with the techniques and moves, the more techniques and energy you will use, therefore the more physical benefits you will see.

Q. Why should I come and train with Singto?
A. After dedicating the year of 2001 and 2002 to training in Thailand. It is now time for me to help in the promotion of Muay Thai and Thailand here in England. With over a decade of involvement in Muay Thai as a trainer, student, fighter, both in England and Thailand. I believe that I am in a strong confident position to pass on the knowledge that has been bestowed upon me, by the numerous Kru's that I have trained under in Thailand. I make no pretence about being a champion or a super human trainer, I am dedicated to my students and our chosen life style - Muay Thai.

Q. Are you recognised by a Professional Governing Body?
A. We are proud to say that we are! The World Muay Thai Council have recognised our efforts in spreading the word of MuayThai, and have allowed us to become part of their UK representative body, the United Kingdom Muay Thai Federation.

Q. Do I have to bring my own equipment?
A. No. You can bring your own, otherwise everything you will need will be available to use. It is recommended as a minimum that you bring along a pair of shorts, t-shirt, towel and a bottle of water.

Q. Are members from other clubs allowed to train with you?
A. Yes. Everybody is welcome, just respect the open invitation.

Q. Do you provide private one-to-one training?
A. Yes. It has greatly helped many of my students and people looking for quality tuition. In the first session you will be assessed on what your needs and future goals are. From there, depends on you!

Q. Isn't a grading syllabus against traditional Muay Thai?
A. It is true that in Thailand a Nak Muay (student of Muay Thai) will demonstrate their skill in the ring, and if good, victory will come. However in the west, life is much more complicated with work, training, and busy life styles. Having the opportunity and the will to fight does not come so easy. The best way for our students to show their understanding of the art, is to test themselves occasionally in a grading to prove their level of skill.

Q. Am I required to fight?
A. No, not at all, my class is open to everybody, no matter what their end goals are.

Students and enthusiasts of Muay Thai have many reasons for their interest. Some are drawn to the physical fitness, competition and weight-loss aspects of training. Others seek to add discipline and self control to their lives, while still others are concerned about safety and self-defense.

Whether you are interested in taking up Muay Thai for the mental or physical well being,
the Singto Muay Thai Network guarantees to improve your fitness & self-confidence.

Contact us: info@singto.co.uk
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