Trix March - England

World Champion

'Follow your dreams but always be true to yourself. You don't need any spiritual guidance from me, what you need is guts, determination and hard work, that's what I believe enabled me to achieve my World Title. Having faith in my wonderful teacher and partner Mick Mullaney. Train hard and never give in'

Prinya 'Nong Toom' Kiatbusaba - Thailand

'I am still on this road for a long time ahead and if one day I lose, please think it is a game of sport in which we can either win or lose. However, I will do my best for myself, my family and everyone that loves and gives me support'

Keri 'The Crusher' Crothers - Canada

WKA Canadian Champion
IKF USA vs Canada Champion

'Always do what feels and comes naturally to you. If you know you've tried your best and you've put full effort into your training then your head should be held high whatever the outcome you may face. I think the most important for me is to make sure your always having fun involved, if your not enjoying yourself why are you doing it..'

Lisa King - America

MTIA Champion

'Believe in yourself. Know that there is nothing that you can not accomplish or succeed at. Never Settle for anything less than what you know you deserve. Life is short - Live your dream!'

Rachael Mackenzie - England

SIMTA European, ITBF & IMKO British Titles

'The only failure comes from not trying, it doesnt matter if you win or lose if you can look in the mirror and admire the person you see. The greatest danger is not in aiming too high, but in aiming too low and reaching it. If you shoot for the moon and fall short, you will still be amongst the stars! My targets have evolved as I have as a fighter, my next target is a world title. If I don't make it, I will still be proud of all that I have achieved and I will have no regrets that I didn't go as far as I could. The only person standing in your way is you, and you can beat her. '

Women within Muay Thai overview

Muay Thai class's in some gyms around the UK, like ours, are now boasting some 25% of their students to be women. Both dedicated and enthusiastic, more and more women are now turning to Thai Boxing for fitness and self defence purposes, not to mention the number of talented female fighters out there desperate to gain the recognition and fight experience they deserve.

This is surprising due to the historic nature of Muay Thai.

Previously women where not allowed to touch or go near a boxing ring, let alone enter one. As it was seen that women would bring misfortune to the boxers competing and the spectators watching or gambling.

Even now a days there is still a little un-equalness.

The womens boxing ring is always a foot or so shorter in height than the mens. Not only that but men are allowed to train and fight in the womens ring. However, if a women was to even touch the mens ring she would be scorned, if not worse. Also as a last, if not small difference, women must enter the ring through the middle, or bottom ropes. She may may not enter over the top of the ropes as her male counterparts. In fear that she may be higher than anything symbolic or sacred.

I think that within Thai Boxing some traditions should be upheld, if not fought over.

However, it is a pleasure to see that the Thai Boxing fore fathers have the foresight to allow women to compete on a near equal parr as the men, and in time who knows, these nuinces may disappear altogether. At least it shows that the sport is still developing, and will continue to do so.

I wish all female Thai Boxers the best of health and luck with their future fights and challenges.

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